Worker Hub Walkthrough

This guide will show you how to setup a worker on the VideoCoin Worker Hub.

This app is an early alpha release, use at your own risk.

Visit the Download Hub to find the latest version of the VideoCoin Worker Hub.

Click here to watch a video on how to set up a worker on the Worker Hub.

Step 1: Client ID Registration

Install and launch the Worker Hub desktop app.

You will be directed to create or login to a VideoCoin Network Console account on your web browser.

Once logged in to VideoCoin Console, you will need to create a new worker, click "New Worker" in the Workers section

Click on the newly set up worker and copy the Client ID

Return to the Worker App, click 'Continue'. Now paste your Client ID, and continue to complete Client ID Registration.

Step 2: Infura Account Setup

Create a free account on

In the 'Ethereum' tab, click 'Create a New Project'

In the settings of your project, copy the 'Project ID' in the 'KEYS' section.

Return to the Worker App, click continue. Now paste your Infura Project ID, and click continue to complete this step.

Step 3: Setup Wallet

In the Worker App, click 'Setup Walle' in the Worker Status section

Click "Add" to setup a wallet

Create a new wallet or use an existing wallet

Step 4: Stake Your Worker

Now it's time to stake tokens to your worker

Your wallet will need to be funded with at least the minimum staking amount of VID tokens and a small amount of ETH to cover gas fees

In the Staking menu, enter the number or percentage tokens you'd like to stake. The minimum staking amount will be shown in this section for your reference.

Click "Stake Tokens"

The transfer may take a few moments. You will be indicated with a green status when the stake operation is complete.

You can also see your transactions and status in the Details tab.

Step 5: Start Your Worker

Navigate to the Worker section. Your Worker Status will say "Ready To Start"

Select the number of cores you'd like to use. Click Start Worker.

Wait a moment as the worker setup. The process is complete when the Worker Status shows "Worker Running".

That's it! Your worker is now live on the VideoCoin Network

You can visit the VideoCoin Block Explorer to view your worker.

Click on your worker in the Block Explorer to get additional details.

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