Step 4: Buying and Minting the NFT on the Blockchain

This article describes how your customers will purchase NFTs from your storefront.

To experience the buying process as they do, navigate to your online store.Here you’ll find the purchasable NFT product you’ve just created. To test, you will want to create an NFT with a price of $0. Follow the instructions to Create NFT Products and set the price to $0.

Select that product to go to the NFT product page. Purchase the NFT by clicking Buy it now.

Continue through the payment process and complete your order.

Now that the purchase has been made, the buyer will receive an order confirmation email. The next step will be to fulfill the order to mint and deliver the NFT.

Navigate to your store’s admin page. Click Orders on the left side of the screen.

Select the new order from the list of orders and complete delivery by clicking the Unfulfilled button.

Click the Fulfill item button to fulfill the order.

After that the order is fulfilled, the NFT is minted and can be tracked on the blockchain explorer and the buyer will receive an email with the links to access their private NFT product and information.

Note: Once the blockchain has recorded the transaction for creating the NFT, the transaction hash will be recorded on your order page as shown below. Since blockchain transactions take up to a minute to confirm, you can refresh the page about 2 minutes later to see the transaction.

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