VideoCoin Block Explorer

Intro to VideoCoin Block Explorer

A block explorer is a tool that people use to view all cryptocurrency transactions that are occurring on the blockchain network. The block explorer tracks and catalogs all current and past transactions. This gives the user information on the blockchain's hash rate. This also tells us the rate of transaction growth as a means of determining the network's effectiveness and reach. Many major cryptocurrencies have their own version of the block explorer.

Where Can I find the VideoCoin Block Explorer?

What am I looking at?

This is the main page of the Block explorer, Dashboard. In this view we can see latest blocks and transactions. On the left we have a navigation bar, we can go back to the dashboard if we are somewhere else in the explorer, go to the blocks view section and to the transaction view section.

Blocks View

All the latest mined blocks are shown here. We can see the block number, the block hash, how many transactions are in a block, wattage needed to mine the block and overall block size.

Block View

In this view, we have all the information that are on the blocks view with addition to the Extra Data.

Below you can see link to the transactions that are inside the block and go straight to transactions.

Transactions View

All the latest transactions are shown here. We can see the type of the transaction, how long ago it was made, transaction hash, from address and to address. Last field represent how many videocoins were sent.

Transaction View

We see all the info as in the general transactions view with additions of nonce, wattage and input.

Account view

Account view represents general information about the account address. We can learn here how much VID certain address has, all transactions generated from that address alongside with all the events (Stream events).

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