Step 5: Product Delivery - Custom Email Templates

Step 5: Product Delivery - email communications to customer

At this point, the buyer will receive emails with a link to their order confirmation and a link to view their NFT.

"View your NFT" email sent to your customer after they purchase their NFT. At the time of purchase the NFT is then minted.

How to edit Vivid Labs Shopify App email template

The "View your NFT" email contains custom variables to support your storefront. These emails contain links to several domains. "View your NFT" takes your customer to a Vivid Labs landing page that contains the minted, multi or single asset NFT. "Visit our store" links to your storefront, and "Mint transaction ID" links to the blockchain explorer that tracks the transaction path of the minted NFT. This is a public site and follows the standards of most blockchains of transparency and access.

To edit this page, click Apps > Vivid NFT > Settings

Then click the check mark next to Preview Email Template.

Note: Clicking here will reveal the HTML code to customize the email template. Mistakes happen, so we highly recommended that you back up and save the code provided here.

We have provided custom variables like {{ store_name }} that automatically knows the name of your store, your store front domain and other variables.

After unchecking "Preview Email Template" you will see all the HTML and CSS code that supports emails sent to customers. Make your changes, click Save, then click the box next to "Preveiw Email Template" to see the results.

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