VID Pool Software

Software for sharing transcoder rewards with delegators.


VideoCoin Network workers get rewarded for the work they do. The amount of work they will get is related to the amount of VID tokens staked to the workers, including staked tokens from delegators. In order to incentivize delegators workers have to share payouts with them.

The Software in this repository is meant to share rewards with delegators and should be run by transcoder periodically.


Use docker pull


To build use:

make build

You will get a binary for the current platform.

Or build a docker image with:

make vendor
make image


Config example:

    "DataDir": "/tmp/vidpooldata/",
    "KeyFile": "worker-key.json",
    "Password": "",
    "StreamManagerAddress": "0xee714E6f2686929AE33614aAA332D67EaC9f5ede",
    "StakingManagerAddress": "0xe535420fD393C202c5F47aAfDc210fF36f697584",
    "WorkerChainURL": "",
    "PaymentsChainURL": "",
    "LogLevel": "debug",
    "PaymentURLSpec": ""
    "Auth": {
        "ClientID": "69cf5e81-5301-414f-9cd9-a39bbe06c0ff",
        "AuthURL": ""


Application will need to store small amount of the persistent data, for transactions recovery and latest processed block.


Key in ethereum v3 format, encrypted with Password. It will be used for transactions on PaymentsChain.

Path must be absolute or relative to configuration file.


Used as a source for rewards.


Used as a source for delegation shares and transcoder reward.


Application needs to store last processed block in a safe place. By default we will store this block in a file inside DataDir, but there is also an option to deploy a contract on videocoin blockchain and use it for storage.

To deploy:

./build/vidpool -c _assets/config.json deploy


Contract address: 0x6B14dfF51a349d3Eb430f48A783EBaA83153dbeB

If BlockContractAddress is defined application will be using a specified contract, otherwise, it will fall back to a file.


ETH blockchain with StreamManager and StakingManager, in practice VideoCoin blockchain.


ETH blockchain where a worker has funds, in practice PublicMint blockchain.


ClientID is the one worker received in the VideoCoin console.


Check out the dedicated guide for worker setup at Setup.


Public Mint integration

To share payments with delegators you can use:

./build/vidpool -c _assets/config.json payout --dry-run

With --dry-run option transactions will be created but they won't be sent to blockchain To send transactions - remove --dry-run option.

User can specify --csv=<file to path> flag, in such case detailed information will be saved into csv file. If the file already exists - the file will be truncated, if doesn't exist - file will be created.

Ethereum mainnet integration

Since v0.2.0 release we support paying out to stakers flat percent over the period of time. For example, 8% over a year.

To learn more about the inner structure of such payments see flat-payments.

To make payments, setup configuration, and run:

vidpool flat --config <your config>

To see amounts before making payments use:

vidpool flat --config <your config> --dry-run --csv out.csv


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