Step 2: Create NFT Products

The VIVID NFT app can be found in the Apps tab on your store’s admin page.
In the VIVID NFT app, you will see the NFT Products screen. This is where you’ll create new NFTs.
Note: From your store's admin main page you can navigate to the NFT creation page by clicking Apps tab > VIVID NFT app in Installed apps > Create NFT button.

In the New NFT Product page, enter the required fields for the name and description of the NFT product. This name and description entered here are part of the NFT and recorded in its metadata.
Now add the media files of your choice in the Unlocked and/or Locked content section by dropping files or clicking the Add files button. This app features DRM to lock content prior to purchase. Content that is dropped in the Unlocked section will be visible by anyone, regardless if they purchase. Content dropped in the Locked section will be visible, but either blurred out (in the case of images) or unplayable (in the case of video or audio), until the NFT is purchased.
Note: The file formats accepted are .mp4, .mp3, .jpg, and .png.
You will see the media being uploaded live.
After the files are done uploading, click the Create button.
Note: Creating the product may take a few minutes depending on the content’s file size. The NFT is in the Shopify database at this point.
Now you’ll be directed to this NFT product page. Here you can update the product's details and add it to your store.
Note: This section is the editable information for your product within the store and can be edited for merchandising or commercial reasons. However, changing information here does not affect the name and description that was originally entered when creating the NFT and is now minted and stored for the NFT.
To add this product to your online store for others to buy, change the product from Draft to Active and click Manage in the Product Status section to change the sales channel to Online Store.
Now click the Save button on the product page.
The NFT product is now available to buy in your store.